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October 20, 2010

Trying IR

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IR using my 50D. Apparently that camera is not suitable for IR photography so the end result is not as expected hehe…

Here it goes…



September 4, 2010

Outing with Frenzkafe Crew

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Photography outing with Frenzkafe crew… actually we are doing slow shutter shooting but personally I didn’t manage to shoot many slow shutter pics, so i just shoot whatever hehe.. just having fun with my camera…

FKOut 1 FKOut 2

Water Taxi, the main transport use in Kg Ayer.

FKOut 3

FKOut 5

Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque

Click here to view more pics.


August 25, 2010

Still Life?

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I know it is a bit late but Happy Ramadhan to all. Oh well, fasting month, too lazy to do some random photoshoot outside, so I try to shoot inside hehe.. and the theme today is ‘still life’ but I am not sure.. may be it is a ‘portrait’ of an action figure hehe.. anyway I don’t have many subject to shoot because my son lost all his Lego Star Wars Characters and all he can find are the Ironman and a broken unknown winged blue superhero. So I had no choice but to shoot the Ironman.

I don’t have (m)any lighting gears, and zero knowledge about shooting still life and lighting setup, so the setup I have done here was just using 1 LED torchlight and a ‘kurma kurnia’ container as a stand hehe..

Here are the results…

ironman2 6

Lighting from the side

ironman2 7

Here the lighting is a bit harsh so I turn it into monochrome and i kinda like it…


I did a focus stacking on this one, because the hand are out of focus so I took two pics and stacked it.
this is the scene when Ironman says “ui.. ui.. apa liat-liat.. ku tembak kang.. banaaa.. banaaa.. nie..”

iron 001

Same pic as above, but turn to monochrome, just want to see the effect hehe…

ironman2 8

With some heavy arsenal… looks “taiming” lolz

My verdict: The shooting process is fun and very interesting, but I really need to learn the technique especially the lighting… banaaa..

July 18, 2010

Nightscape Shooting

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Jame Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque from above. I don’t really know the right setting to shoot at night so I just shoot with trial and error setting.. play with exposure and aperture then let the camera do it’s thing. Hope this is how it is suppose to look.. but hey, I like it.. so.. 😉 chill…

Masjid Jame Asr Hassanil Bolkiah, Brunei 

B&W Jame Mosque

May 31, 2010

Water Droplets

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Last post of My Friday Excursion, actually last Friday I shoot near my brother’s house. It was a fun outing because I manage to take so many insects, but the downside was that I had to endured sooo many mosquito bites… Anyway, even though my main objective to go there to shoot insects, I just couldn’t resist to shoot few beautiful droplets. 

lumapas 4 

Above: I like the colour in this droplet

lumapas 7

Above: This is my brother’s house. I shoot it just want to say thanks to him for letting me shoot near his house and for the lovely breakfast hehe..

May 30, 2010

Friday Macro Mix

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Third group from my Friday Morning Macro series, the last group will be up tomorrow…

lumapas 8

Above: such a small wings for a big and fast insect. This bee keep buzzing around me, before finally landed exactly where I expect it to land but only for a brief moment before it buzz away. So I cannot really focus on it properly but at least I got it.

lumapas 3

lumapas 11

Above: We Bruneian call this “Kasisang”, In english I only know it as Stinky bug as it will produce pungent smell as a defensive mechanism.

lumapas 12

 lumapas 1

Above: De Ja Vu, I feel that I took this shoot before.. hmmm… oh well, it flew away before I manage to take a good pic of it.. like always..

lumapas 10

Above: I think this is another kind of “Kasisang”, but I am not sure.. :).

May 29, 2010

Breakfast is served!

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Some more photos from my Friday morning excursion, the subject is still flies.. but now they become a yummy breakfast for some lucky spiders

lumapas 2

 lumapas 6

Crab spider with his prey

lumapas 5

May 28, 2010

Flies @ Lalat

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Below are some of today’s macro, stay tune, more will be coming in a few days time.

flies 1

It look like a fly, and it act like a fly.. I am sure its a fly… 🙂


flies 2


flies 3

April 27, 2010

Night Macro at Tasek Lama

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My first night macro. It is quite challenging because I need my friend to hold the torch light so that I can focus on the insects. Spotting an insect in the dark was difficult, I only manage to spot 4 or 5 but only manage to shoot 3. It really was a great experience.

night 1

This is the 2nd time I saw this kind of grasshopper

 night 2

A moth.

 night 3

6 legged spider. Click the image above to see larger pic and look at it’s somewhat scary eyes, and those hairs…

April 25, 2010

Focus Stacking

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One of the challenges in doing macro shooting is dealing with very thin Depth of Focus (DOF), resulting some part of your object turn to be out of focus. One technique to eliminate this problem is by focus stacking. You can read more about focus stacking from this website. Anyway, here is my first attempt to do a focus stacking, I took a total of 8 pictures just to create this one image.


Above: As you can see, almost all parts of the insect body are in focus. (ALMOST hehe..),
Anyway, got to try this again… and properly this time. 🙂 …still learning…

Below: Here is one of the original picture I use to create the above image. (Just for comparison),
Not all of the parts are in focus, especially the hind legs & tail.


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